Appointed by God

Feeling strange, I guess, is normal when you move to a new country. New culture, new people, new way of life and no surprises there; New Zealand. I came here with my wife and our two girls. That was 2011.

Quite “strange” was my profession of choice which was to be an early childhood teacher. The profession, I must profess, is so female-dominated that I was asked by a child once what I was doing in his daycare. In his complete disbelief, he asked me why I wasn’t working like his dad. Of course, I took no offence in what he said. Children? They say the most honest, amusing things.

Now going almost 10 years here in New Zealand and almost 8 years being an early childhood teacher, there were experiences that amused, surprised, inspired, and made me the teacher I am today, that I really wish to share with people. My “hat” as a teacher has been very storied when mixed with my other different hats which I wear everyday to work – that of a father, a husband, a son, a brother and a member of my church community (Couples for Christ New Zealand).

I must say that these hats I wear everyday are slowly making meaningful sense as I begin to believe that God appointed me to wear these hats. He placed me, of all places in the world, here in New Zealand, for a reason.

Let me tell you some of these stories in my upcoming blogs. I promise, I will be very open and respectful. Like everybody else, my learnings and un-learnings, still, are happening.

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