“Be still, and know that I am God. I will be exalted among the nations, I will be exalted in the earth!”

PSALM 46:10

Fear Not

Dave Canovas The world teaches you to fear. The Holy Spirit whispers in your ear and says otherwise; to fear not. Being trapped in fear and anxiety is no joke and I feel like the world we now live in is not helping alleviate our state of fear. The world makes us obsess and fearContinue reading “Fear Not”


Dave Canovas Just how did you do it? How did you not flinch when it was too painful? When you fell while carrying the weight of the world, how did you rise up again? How far ahead did you see when your present was too agonizing? How far back did you have to look toContinue reading “Passion”

Peace be with you.

Dave Canovas I joined FB just few months ago. I refused to have one, most of my entire adult life. I thought it was rife with negativity and I thought there would be triggers there for me. Not good for my mental wellbeing but somehow thanks to the “snooze” option my wife taught me. ThatContinue reading “Peace be with you.”

Why God?

Dave Canovas On this road, I am aimless, inconsistent, out of sight but why God are You still constant and always by my side? I am Your riches’ squanderer. I am prodigal. I am blind but why God am I favoured, Your most desired? Farther away from You, my sins separate me yet I findContinue reading “Why God?”

The beatitudes: a game-changer in what “feeling blessed” could mean (Dave Canovas)

Yesterday was my forty-seventh birthday and it felt like my fiftieth was just around the corner. I made a very intentional, conscious, huge effort to count my blessings as if wanting to enforce a feeling of blessedness upon myself. It was such a big effort because as you know, reality and real life always happen.Continue reading “The beatitudes: a game-changer in what “feeling blessed” could mean (Dave Canovas)”

Values in action

People who suffer the feeling of inadequacy, worthlessness and depression, may have really admirable values in life like faith in God, family, friendship or diligence but our actions or inaction, like sinfulness, disloyalty, betrayal or sloth, could further lead us deeper down the pit.


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